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El arte de vivir con su tiempo

Pontos S Diver

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El Pontos S Diver, un instrumento de submarinismo profesional resistente al agua hasta 600 metros, reinterpreta las características básicas de la línea Pontos S añadiéndole un toque vintage a su diseño retro. Sencillo de llevar y legible hasta el más mínimo detalle, este reloj cuenta con todas las características que atraerán a los amantes de los profundos océanos. Un diámetro de 43 mm. En acero inoxidable, la caja del Pontos S Diver luce unas generosas proporciones. Diseñado conforme a las especificaciones profesionales, incluye el requisito básico de un reloj de submarinismo, un sistema de válvula de escape de helio a las 9 horas completamente automático. Antes de emerger a la superficie para respirar con normalidad, los submarinistas profesionales pasan por una cámara de descompresión. En ella respiran una mezcla de gases con una elevada proporción de helio, lo que puede dañar un reloj al filtrarse en él debido a las diferencias de presión entre el gas de la cámara y el aire exterior.

Así, la válvula de helio del Pontos S Diver evita cualquier daño irreversible del reloj. La esfera negra está equipada con índices aplicados y agujas que se resaltan con Superluminova, lo que permite a los submarinistas leer los detalles que necesiten incluso en las aguas más profundas. Las agujas, también resaltadas con un material luminiscente, se pueden distinguir bien gracias a su color. Las agujas de los minutos y los segundos aparecen destacadas en rojo, y el indicador de fecha situado a las 6 horas completa las características del reloj. El reloj consta de un movimiento mecánico de cuerda automática ML115 que oscila a 4 hercios y que cuenta con una reserva de marcha de 38 horas.  


- Caja de acero inoxidable, Ø 43 mm
- Escala giratoria de aluminio arenada a juego con el acabado de la esfera
- Válvula de escape automática de helio a las 9 horas
- Centro de la caja y lados de las asas verticales cepillados con bisel pulido y faceta en las asas
- Parte trasera de la caja grabada
- Cristal de zafiro abombado con revestimiento antirreflectante en ambos lados
- Resistente al agua hasta 600 m (60 atm)
- Esfera negra con cepillado soleil
- Índices aplicados con gran zona de acabado luminiscente para conseguir la máxima legibilidad bajo el agua



- Agujas con talla de diamante con gran zona de acabado luminiscente para conseguir la máxima legibilidad bajo el agua
- Agujas de los minutos y los segundos con revestimiento rojo en la punta
- Correa de auténtica piel o pulsera robusta de acero inoxidable con tres hileras
- También correa Nato disponible 
- Cierre de acero inoxidable en ambas pulseras
- Cierre desplegable de doble seguridad en la pulsera de metal



Calibre automático ML115
- Funciones:
- Indicación de las horas, los minutos y los segundos mediante las agujas centrales
- Fecha a las 6 horas
- Vibración: 28.800 alternancias por hora (4 Hz)
- Reserva de marcha: 38 horas
- Rubíes: 26
- Ajustes: 3 posiciones una vez terminada la cuerda y al cabo de 24 horas
- Decoración: movimiento rodiado


James Magnussen

James Magnussen

Make sure you have a support team around you to keep you motivated.

How do you define success?
Success for me is defined as the sum of all parts, (i.e. the small efforts and sacrifices I put in to training every day) coming together in one particular moment. Success is the rewarding process of when I achieve a major goal in this way.

What inspires you? And where do you find your inspiration?
I find at different times I’m inspired by different things. However I’m mostly inspired by people who make a difference in society through their hard work and dedication. On a day to day basis I’ll always look to my family and friends for inspiration and motivation, especially my lifelong friends who have been there for me since before I started swimming.

Could you tell us about your success? What is the short-story of your success?
From about the age of 15, I really applied myself to competitive swimming and really thought about swimming as a career. At 18 after I finished high school I made the decision to move to Sydney from Port Macquarie to train with Brant Best (I thought this was the best option to take my swimming to the next level.) It was definitely difficult moving away from my family and friends, however it certainly paid dividends as I became the 100m Freestyle Australian National Champion in 2010 and the 100m Freestyle World Champion in 2011.
From here I was then fortunate enough to attend the London 2012 Olympic Games (My debut Olympic Games.) where I won the Silver medal in the 100m Freestyle finishing just 0.001 from the Gold medal and I won Bronze in the 4x100m Medley relay.
For 2013, my goal is to try and defend my 100m Freestyle title at the World Championships in Barcelona and hopefully swim faster than any swimmer before me.

Do you have a “5 rules” to follow and keep on being successful?
1. Success is never created alone.
-It’s extremely important to have a great support team.   
2.    Success is the sum of small parts added up every day.  
-You have to commit 100% to training every day; you’ll never achieve your desired results if you take shortcuts.  
3. Always remember where you came from.
-I truly believe that all of the relationships and experiences that you have along the way (good or bad) are an important part to your eventual success.
4. Always work harder in training than your competitors.  
-I always try to go that extra distance in training; this way when I’m standing on the racing blocks about to compete I know that my preparation has been better than the swimmer standing next to me.
5. Never rest on your laurels in sport.
-I’m always looking for ways to improve in training and always looking at techniques to push myself to be better than my competitors.    

Do you have advices for the young generations?
Make sure you have a support team around you to keep you motivated.
Enjoy the journey, embrace every day and don’t just focus on the end point.

Do you have a key sentence/motto about success?
“I’ve never known a man worth his salt who, in the long run, deep down in his heart, didn’t appreciate the grind, the discipline.”  Vince Lombardi

How important time is and has been in your life? And what does time represents for you?
In swimming, time is everything. Time is the manner by which my performances are measured and rewarded. I’ve definitely learnt that the smallest unit of time e.g. 1/100th of a second can mean the difference between agony and ecstasy.

« Success is never created alone., it’s extremely important to have a great support team. »

How do you deal with time questions in your work?
Given the nature of my sport, I’m constantly questioned by the media and my support team about my goals and aspirations, Many of these goals are time focused e.g. Becoming the fastest 100m Freestyle swimmer in history (46.91seconds). The benchmarks in my sport are all time related. However in saying this, it’s important that I don’t fixate on this one aspect of my sport. I know that if I put in the hard work my times will come naturally.

How Maurice Lacroix is a natural continuum of your everyday life? What place does it have in your life?
Maurice Lacroix has a very important part in my life, as for me it represents growth, development and maturity. As I’ve grown older my tastes and style have changed and matured, I believe this is represented in the Maurice Lacroix watches. I feel the association makes a positive connection with the development of my career as a swimmer. The association further continues the undeniable link between my career and the concept of time.


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